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                                            2018 MiSEPS Board of Directors

President Theresa M. Cooney, MD
Secretary/Treasurer Paul A. Edwards, MD
Director Region 1 Bradley S. Hochstetler, MD
Director Region 2 Scott J. Westhouse, DO
Director Region 3 Usha K. Bulusu, MD
Director Region 4 Christopher T. Hood, MD
Director Region 5 Thomas P. Hessburg, MD
Director Region 6 Dianne M. Schlachter, MD
Director Region 7 Alice M. Fecko, MD
Legislative Chair
John D. Roarty, MD
Membership Chair
Thomas P. Hessburg, MD
PAC Chair
Thomas J. Byrd, MD
Public Service Chair Anne M. Nachazel, MD
Third Party Payor Chair A. Luisa Di Lorenzo, MD
YOS Chair
Michael J. Siegal, MD
AAO Councilor Anne M. Nachazel, MD
AAO Councilor Timothy P. Page, MD
MSMS Delegate Jerome I Finkelstein, MD
MSMS Alternate Delegate Patrick J. Droste, MD
General Accountant Paul D. Pew, CPA
General Counsel Patrick J. Haddad, JD
General Lobbyist Timothy R. Ward, JD
Lobbyist Rudy Hobbs
Advisor  Evan H. Black, MD
Advisor  Philip C. Hessburg, MD
Executive Director
Maura Campbell
Executive Assistant Joan M. LaBranche





Theresa M. Cooney, MD

Chairman of the Board

MiSEPS Executive Offices
15415 East Jefferson Ave
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
Phone: (313) 823-1000
Fax: (313) 822-4233

Maura Campbell
Executive Director

Joan M. LaBranche
Executive Assistant

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